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Free-Style Fighting

Free-Style Fighting as taught by Master Son is a non-contact unarmed combat substitute for real life-threatening situations. Street fighting is serious with no second chances. Free-style fighting offers the student unlimited opportunities to refine self defense techniques that work, and eliminate those that don't work for the individual student. The student must also work on self control so that adverse emotions will have little if no effect on the ability to protect themselves at all times.

The objective is to have full control of ones body and emotions at all times so that all offensive attacks can be delivered with full power and speed that can break several inches of wood, with accuracy within one inch of the intended target. The Tae Kwon Doist may use all kicks, punches, blocks, counter attacks or any combination of such. In football, a good defense will win many games. In Tae Kwon Do, a good defense allows the fighter the opportunity for a counterattack to take out an opponent, in addition to protecting themselves from the attack.

White belts do not participate in free-style fighting since they do not have enough control for attacks or blocks to be safe and effective. This is where Three Step Sparring and watching upper belts spar prepares the white belt for free-style fighting.


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