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Warm-Ups / Stretching

Class starts with 5 minutes of running then followed by warm-up stretching.

There are two type of stretching, first there is the warm-up stretch. The body should be properly warmed up prior to any stretching. A warmer body increases the blood flow, elasticity of the muscles, ligaments and tendons. This will help prevent injuries. A short warm-down should be included at the end of all workouts.

Second, there is flexibility stretching. This should be done when the body is at its warmest. This stretching will increase the range of motion. The end of a strenuous workout is an excellent time for flexibility stretching.

Prior to class, warm-up exercises should be done to loosen your muscles and prepare them for a strenuous workout. In addition to improving your performance, warm-up  exercises are necessary to prevent injury to your muscles. It is not wise to throw any hand or foot techniques without proper warm-up. Generally, five to ten minutes of warm-ups are required under normal conditions. Cold days and early mornings will require additional time. Basic movements should increase in intensity gradually to prevent injury.


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